Which Uncle Andy Lock Is Best For Me?

With two Uncle Andy lock options available, it can be difficult to know which one to choose for your particular application.

Both lock types achieve the same task, but each has benefits and disadvantages which may make one more attractive for your unique scenario.

We list out each lock's features and where they are best suited for use below, but if you are a first time buyer of Uncle Andy locks, it would be best to begin with our starter box which contains three of each lock variant.

In almost every home we have come across, both locks could be put to use somewhere around the house, so having three of each is a nice way to start if you aren't sure what would fit your drawers or cupboards best.

For instance, if you find that lock A doesn't fit in a shallow kitchen drawer, you can easily substitute it for lock B for that installation with the starter box.

Lock A:


 Benefits: Disadvantages:
  • Large adhesive surface area gives a strong hold
  • Ability to use screw on option for stronger fixing
  • Adjustable magnetic strength via screw on lock's back is useful for thick drawer or cupboard panels
  • Only need one hand to open the drawer as magnetic strength is strong and holds key in place
  • Can switch off when not in use
  • Ideal for cupboards due to extra space and good strength
  • Larger than lock B and may be difficult to fit in shallow drawers
  • Greater degree of accuracy required with placement on installation due to smaller width of latch tongue relative to lock B


    Lock B:  


     Benefits: Disadvantages:
    • Smaller dimensions make for an easier fit in most applications
    • Can be turned off when not in use
    • Large latch width means less accuracy required with placement on installation than lock A
    • Ideal for drawers, especially shallow drawers or those with utensil trays
    • One hand must hold key in place whilst opening the drawer or cupboard as magnetic strength not as strong as lock A
    • No option to screw the lock in for stronger fixing
    • No ability to adjust magnetic strength
    • Smaller adhesive area than lock A but still very strong bond achieved


    Hopefully these points have helped you to understand which lock would work best for your application. As mentioned before, your best bet as a new customer is to purchase the starter box which comes with three of each lock and two magnetic keys which can activate either lock.