Why Grandparents Love Uncle Andy's Locks

Grandparents will do anything for their grandchildren, and this extends to overhauling their home with safety gear to neutralise hazards in their home for when the little ones come to visit. 

Putting soft pads on sharp corners, blocking off stair wells with child gates, covering plugs with plastic blanks, installing outdoor gates and of course locking drawers and cupboards containing potentially harmful items are all common prepping activities. 

If you live in a different town or city than your grandchildren then there may be significant time between visits. All that safety gear is redundant whilst the child isn't around and quite frankly, it becomes annoying and an eye-sore to the adults living in the home.

Dismantling or putting the gear away and reinstalling it for each visit is impractical, especially if the family is growing and more grandchildren are due. As a result, the kit could be left in place for a number of years, totally affecting the way the adults use their home. 

But there is a solution, at least for the commonly accessed drawers and cupboards within the home that you want to keep the little ones out of...

With Uncle Andy locks, you can activate and deactivate the locking mechanism as you please! Click here to watch a video showing how it works.

When the kids come for a visit, just flick the tab on the locks (as highlighted with the arrows below) to reactivate them and make the environment safe once again - easy!

This means that the drawers and cupboards can be accessed as per usual, without the need to flick a little plastic catch each time. What a time saver.