Renting? Create a Lockable Drawer Without A Drill

One of the great parts of owning a home is how you can customise it how you like without anyone's permission. 

This is great for improving the function and livability of your household whether it be for added convenience, improved privacy, energy efficiency, security or more seriously - safety.

Most of us know the pain of living in a rental property, either currently or at some point in our lives, where landlords and property managers are precious about tenants even punching a small nail into the wall to hang a piece of art. 

Depending on how generous and understanding your property manager is, this can be extremely frustrating and very limiting for the occupants who want to make the space theirs and customise it for best use.

So how can a family or an individual living in a rental home expect to create a safe environment for their new child? Or the 20 something tenant improve the security for storing valuable or private possessions?

Whilst there are temporarily installed safety products on the market, most are flimsy, ugly and fragile and so currently the best results would require permanent fixation which the landlord may not be pleased about.

Uncle Andy magnetic safety locks however, can be applied using their super strong and durable adhesive backing, without the use of drills or screws. There is no need to be concerned about losing part of your bond at the end of the tenancy due to damage because the locks can be removed by cutting the adhesive with a craft knife or dental floss, peeling the lock off and then scrubbing off any remaining adhesive material without a trace.


This is great news for renters, who can now prevent access to drawers and cupboards which they don't want little hands getting into without upsetting the landlord; or for the individual who wants to create an affordable, secretly locked drawer using a hidden Uncle Andy lock to improve security and privacy for personal documents and valuable possessions.

Got any other unique applications for Uncle Andy locks? Let us know, we'd love to hear from you!