Airbnb or BookaBach? Here's A Discrete Way To Protect Your Belongings

The sharing economy is a brilliant way to get utility from unused resources such as cars, equipment and accommodation and is a common way to earn a bit of cash on the side these days.

For Airbnb and BookaBach hosts, there are always some things you'd prefer not to share with guests. But how can you keep items such as documents, photos, clothes etc. secure from visitors without investing in new lockable cabinetry or drilling into your nice furniture to install locks?

Although Uncle Andy's hidden magnetic locks were originally intended for child safety applications, we have heard from customers that they work brilliantly in the shared accommodation space!

It is always great to hear from customers about the new ways they put Uncle Andy locks to use from securing drawers from opening in RVs and Motorhomes through to keeping mentally disabled adults from accessing medicine cabinets.

Recently this new use for our locks has been highlighted to us by one particular customer who swears that they are they best solution he is found to this problem. Having set up the apartment he leases on Airbnb to be rented out in the weekends while he and his partner were away, they were concerned that guests could access personal effects within drawers and cupboards. Things such as family photos, documentation, personal hygiene or medical items, electronic goods and other items they'd prefer to keep private but didn't want to have to bother to take out of the apartment each weekend.

The question was, how can we secure these drawers and cupboards in a discrete, cheap and easy way without modifying the cabinetry (as the apartment was a rental). After much searching, he came across Uncle Andy's adhesive locks as a potential solution and gave them a go. 

The feedback was that they worked perfectly and just as he'd hoped they would. Installation was super quick using the lock's adhesive backing, the appearance of the apartment isn't compromised by ugly external locks and not one hole had to be drilled so the landlord won't get grumpy!

So there you go, yet another great use for our innovative locks. If you rent out your home and are facing this same problem, watch how our locks work and give them a go!