How to Have a Child Safe Home That Still Looks Good


Is it possible to have young children and still have a home that is safe for kids but looks normal without all the clutter and ugliness of safety gear?

As a safety conscious parent, sometimes it might feel like it is easier to just give in and let the clutter and mess do it's thing, exchanging your household pride for the good of the children - but don't let up just yet, there is another way!

Instead of ruining the appearance of your kitchen drawers, cupboards and cabinets with external solutions that kids end up figuring out how to use anyway, Uncle Andy offers concealed magnetic safety locks which are invisible from the outside.

This means that you can still be a responsible parent and maintain a bit of pride in a clean looking kitchen or lounge which you are more than happy to showcase to visitors. 

You might say, sure but I have seen concealed locking mechanisms before and they were flimsy plastic solutions that broke after a week's use. Well we know your pain! The plastic clips that need to be flicked to open a drawer or cupboard for one are firstly annoying to use because they can't be turned off, and secondly they don't sustain much force and are generally snapped off by unwitting visitors.

Uncle Andy's magnetic safety locks are different for the following reasons:

  1. They use super strong adhesive backings or screw fastening to sustain high levels of force.
  2. If you wish, you can avoid damaging your cabinetry with screws by making use of the adhesive option which allow for clean removal in the future (perfect for renters).
  3. Using a magnetic field, they are activated through the cabinet using a key rather than by flicking a clip.
  4. Best of all, they can be switched on and off as required so are much less annoying than existing concealed safety solutions

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You deserve to have safe kids and a a house that looks like you intended it to, without the visual pollution of child safety gear. 

Why not try Uncle Andy's magnetic locks in your home? Get started with our starter box of 6 locks, order online with fast NZ wide shipping.