Sharing The Best Tips On Child-Proofing a Home

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For Airbnb and BookaBach hosts, there are always some things you'd prefer not to share with guests. But how can you keep items such as documents, photos, clothes etc. secure from visitors without investing in new lockable cabinetry or drilling into your nice furniture to install locks?

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Why Grandparents Love Uncle Andy's Locks

Grandparents will do anything for their grandchildren, and this extends to overhauling their home with safety gear to neutralise hazards in their home for when the little ones come to visit. 

Renting? Create a Lockable Drawer Without A Drill

Depending on how generous and understanding your property manager is, it can be extremely frustrating not being able to customise your living space.

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With two Uncle Andy lock options available, it can be difficult to know which one to choose for your particular application. Read about the benefits and disadvantages of each type.